Terms and conditions

In this rental agreement the following concepts and their definitions should be understood as follows:

1. The lessor:
PURE VILLA TRAVEL B.V., (Trade name Pure Villas B.V.)

2. The holiday home:
Your selected Pure Villa

3. The lessee/tenant:
the person who rents the holiday home as specified under 2 or any person who wishes to do so;

4. The co-tenant:
the person who stays with the lessee in the premises as specified under point 2;

5. The administrator:
the person who on behalf of the lessor performs the task of maintenance and administration of the holiday home;

6. The offer:
the offer/proposal as meant in the New Civil Code (Dutch law);

7. Cancellation:
the revocation or dissolution of a booking within the term that has been established for this purpose;

8. Booking:
a confirmed reservation for the holiday home;

9. Dissolution:
the annulment according to legal procedure of the rental agreement on account of not complying with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement;

10. Sojourn/stay:
the actual use of the holiday home.

Under the following terms and conditions

Reservation, booking and payment schedule
1. Within eight (8) working days after the reservation, the agreement concerned will have to be signed and the lessee must have transferred fifty per cent (50%) of the total rent to the bank account of the lessor (bank and number provided at page 2.). This will serve to confirm the booking, making it peremptory.

2. In case of cancellation of the entire booking between the date of the written agreement and at least eight (8) weeks before the date of commencement of the rental period, the lessee is indebted for fifty per cent (50%) of the rent. In case of later cancellations the lessee is indebted for the full amount of the rent. In either case the date of receipt of the cancellation will be binding. Cancellations must be done by means of a registered letter.

3. The rent is calculated per week, the total amount can be found on the rental invoice. It is not allowed to use the house with more than the maximum number stated per property. This includes children under the age of two. The rent includes the expenses for current, cooking gas, water and cleaning services. The house will be cleaned twice a week, or otherwise stated.

Payment of the rent
4. At the day of arrival of the agreed rental period the balance of the amount, which is the remaining fifty per cent (50%), must be within 60 days prior to arrival. In case the money has not been received by the lessor, the lessee will not be checked in and the lessor will dissolve the agreement out of court. The lessee is not entitled to restitution of the down payments. This will serve as compensation for damages suffered by the lessor through non-compliance of the lessee.

Guarantee deposit
5. The guarantee deposit differs per property, and will be stated on the rental invoice. In case a guarantee is applicable, the amount has to be deposited in the bank account of the lessor forty five (45) days prior to the commencement of the agreed rental period. In case the guarantee deposit has not been received in time, the lessor reserves the right to cancel the booking and to withhold the down payment by way of compensation for damages.

Rental period
6. The rent will become effective on the first day of the agreed rental period at 5:00 PM local time and ends on the last day of the agreed rental period at 10:00 AM hours local time.

Obligations for the lessee/ Rules of the house
7. The lessee commits himself to managing the rented object and its appurtenances as a prudent man. All damage to the rented object that the lessee notices during his rental period will have to be reported to the lessor by him and the lessee is accountable for damages that have been incurred by himself or because of him.
8. The lessee commits himself not to cause any inconvenience.
9. Except of prior obtained permission the rented object may only exclusively be used for holiday purposes. This exception also goes for celebrations and parties.
10. Sub-letting is not allowed.
11. It is not allowed to carry out alterations or modifications to the house itself, the swimming pool and the garden.
12. The lessee shall daily remove all garbage from the house to the large containers that are placed on all main roads and secondary roads.
13. In connection with vermin all food left-overs in and around the house will have to be cleared away immediately.
14. Pet-animals are allowed, but should be announced at booking.
15. All lights will have to be switched off in the daytime.
16. In the direct vicinity of, or at the swimming pool, all glass kitchenware is forbidden. This is in connection with the imminent danger of its usage.
17. The use of air conditioning units is exclusively limited to the circumstance when all doors and windows are closed. During the daytime and when the sleeping quarters are not in use all airco units will have to be switched off.
18. Open fires are NOT allowed by law. When using the BBQ/grill charcoal or grill coal must be used; all on the lessee's risk.

Completion/ delivery
19. At the end of the term the lessee commits himself to deliver the rented object and its appurtenances in a swept clean status. Should the lessee fail to do so in this respect or in other respects fail to meet the obligations stemming from this agreement the lessor is entitled to settle all resulting damages with thedeposited guarantee sum, without prejudice to the right of the lessor to further damages. The deposit, or at least the balance of the guarantee sum, will be repaid within three weeks in the account of the lessee.

20. The lessor is not liable for damages suffered by or to the lessee or by or to third parties present on account of the lessee as a result of their stay in the rented property. The lessee indemnifies lessor against claims in this respect. In particular the lessor is not responsible for damages resulting from burglary and also not for damages because of burglary suffered by third parties present on account of the lessee.

The lessor is not liable for disturbances and interruptions such as, but not exclusively, interruptions of utility services (electricity and water) and technical installations, and for construction activities and alterations to the main roads and access roads without prior and timely notification.

21. The lessor can only be held liable for damages attributed to gross fault or negligence from the lessor's part. This liability is always limited to direct damages and all collateral damages are excluded.

Circumstances beyond control
22. In case of circumstances beyond control, be it of a permanent and or of a temporary nature, the lessor has the right to dissolve the agreement completely or partially, or to suspend it temporarily. Under this circumstance the lessee will be offered an alternative accommodation, or will receive a refund of the rental costs.

23. The lessor shall treat all personal data submitted or known to him in conformity with the Law on Protection of Personal Data.

Applicable Jurisdiction
24. As far as not stipulated otherwise by the rules of Private International Law, Dutch law exclusively applies to the present agreement. All disputes pursuant from this rental agreement will in first instance be tried by the competent judge in The Netherlands, unless the rules of the Private International Law stipulate otherwise.
25. If and as far as any of the stipulations in this agreement would prove to be void, all other conditions remain standing and the invalid article will supposed to have been converted thus, according to the apparent intention of parties.

26. The PURE VILLAS team will do their utmost to make your stay relaxing and memorable experience.