Our Cookie policy

At Pure Villas we aim to offer our guests the very best and most accurate service. We believe that reminding you of a villa you viewed on our site is an addition to providing this service. To be able to remind you of these villas we use ‘cookies’. This is a little string of digits and letters stored in your browser. This string tells our advertisement partner which villa we think you would like to be reminded of. No personal data is transferred to our advertisement partner. The cookie only tells our partner which villas have been viewed on your browser and no other information. And even this little piece of information is not stored on our or our partner’s servers. The information resides within your browser and will automatically be deleted in 14 days. We fully understand if you would rather not have this piece of information stored on your browser. If you don’t want us to send you personalised offers you can opt out by following these steps: 1. Go to www.google.com/settings/ads. 2. Under "Google Ads Across the Web" click the "Opt out" link. 3. In the dialog that opens, click the Opt out button.