It's personal...

It's about what really makes you smile, relaxes and surprises you. The people you'll meet, the scent in the garden, the soft linnen loungers from where you'll see the sunset.

But also that cozy restaurant that's just a stroll away. And the places the kids will go to explore and meet new friends. The best local wine, and the funny guide who'd love to show you the island.

Over the past years I've had the privilege of traveling the world. Exploring the most beautiful places while meeting so many different people. And even though I've been staying in amazing hotels and houses, finding the combination of what makes a vacation perfect, sometimes seemed a challenge.

Is the house really as beautiful and private as the images on many sites imply? What's the nearest town like? Will the kids also have a great time?

We therefore not only ask you how many bathrooms you'll need, but how you want to spend your days, what makes you smile and what you really need

Our villas will make you feel at home from the first moment. Set apart not by a glamorous décor or the highest price, but by its comfort, stylish natural design and pristine location. All combined with our trusted, warm and personal service.

I believed I could make a difference there, and that’s how Pure Villas came about!

With a small team of dedicated professionals we now help you select the perfect option. Properties that are all handpicked with great care and attention, combined with a pallet of activities and special tips. We first stay at all houses ourselves, explore the area and connect the people who will make a difference.

And as a part of our way of caring, we donate a vast percentage of our profit to different children's projects, I came across during my travels. The projects will be closely connected to the destinations we offer. More information on these projects will follow shortly on this website and our Facebook page.

So, let us know what you long for...

Whatever we can do to make your next vacation an unforgettable experience, we will do.

That's my personal promise to you.

Annemieke van der Mast

Terms and conditions

For Villa Owners

Pure is always interested in talking with owners of luxury vacation homes in natural destinations, who would like to have their houses represented in our growing pallet of villa experiences.

Our homes are all hand picked for their special destinations, serene and stylish architecture, and chic amenities.

If you own a home that in your opinion is similar to the Pure Villas presented on our website, please contact us at with pictures and a detailed description.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Pure Villas Team